Vegan Ice Cream in the Twin Cities

Crepe and Spoon

The Twin Cities has many vegan ice cream options at locally owned shops, so make sure to check them all out.

Crepe and Spoon in northeast Minneapolis offers multiple flavors of coconut-cashew ice cream. I’ve tried so many flavors from Matcha to PB&J to Thai Tea to Chocolate Peppermint, and all have been rich and delicious. They’re even better when you put a scoop in a warm, fresh crepe. They also feature The Herbivorous Butcher’s plant-based meats and cheeses on their crepe menu.

Milkjam Creamery

Milkjam Creamery offers multiple vegan ice cream options, and it’s delicious! Find them next to World Street Kitchen in Uptown (you can even walk between the two without going outside). I love the Indian Elvis (curry peanut butter banana) and the Black (the darkest coco) topped with curried peanuts. It’s creamy, flavorful and amazing. They rotate the flavors frequently, so it seems there’s always something new to try.

Sebastian Joe’s

Sebastian Joe’s in Minneapolis has been known for their fun, creative dairy ice cream flavors as well as yummy fruit sorbets but in July 2017 they rolled out coconut milk ice cream! Their chocolate and strawberry are perfectly rich and creamy. They don’t have vegan cones but these two flavors are a delicious place to start in their dairy-free venture.

Pumphouse Creamery

Pumphouse Creamery is in south Minneapolis, and they have a few vegan options with a coconut milk base. I visited for the first time in 2015 and tried the Coffee and Chocolate, but it was too water heavy and thus more icy than creamy. I visited again July 2017 and while it was slightly better, it’s still very icy. They have more flavors now, and I tried the Coffee with Newman O’s and the Door County Sour Cherry — the sour cherries are on point and not something I’ve seen in ice cream before so I give them points for that.

MN Nice Cream

MN Nice Cream started as a food truck that now has a physical location in NE Minneapolis near Able Brewing. The Galaxy Cone is marked vegan, and I enjoyed strawberry soft serve topped with fruit and nuts. They have several toppings options and plan to expand the number of vegan flavors as their business grows. Be prepared to wait in line.

Minnehaha Scoop offers soy-based, rich and creamy ice cream with rotating flavors. I tried both the Vanilla Chocolate Chip Soy and Espresso Oreo Soy. The two employees seemed pretty clueless and didn’t know if the cones are vegan. Through messaging them on Facebook, I learned that they purchase from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and you can view the list of ingredients on their website.

La La Homemade Ice Cream

La La Homemade Ice Cream is nestled in a cute little space in Uptown, and they have a couple vegan flavors. The Raspberry sorbet is pretty straightforward, but I’m impressed with the silkiness of the Dark Chocolate sorbet. I would eat a pint of that in a heartbeat. They also have a Banana Coconut but I’m not a fan of coconut. The shop is very bright and welcoming.

J. Selby’s Soyclone

While it’s not an ice cream shop, I’d be remiss not to mention J. Selby’s and their incredible SoyClones because I typically visit this awesome plant-based restaurant two to three times a week for either brunch or dinner. You can get a SoyClone with many different mix-ins, like Butter-Thumbs Up shown above, mocha, mixed berry, and more.

Wonders Ice Cream offers hand rolled creations. I visited the St. Paul location and confirmed that most flavors could be made using a vegan mix. I got chocolate and peanut butter topped with peanuts and strawberries. From what I saw, they use Nestle’s Nesquik for the chocolate and Skippy for the peanut butter, and I wouldn’t recommend Wonders based on these low quality ingredients. 

Other options:
Cookies & Custard
Sweet Science Ice Cream at Keg and Case
Fletcher’s Ice Cream

Do you know of any ice cream shops with vegan options that I need to add to the list? Please share in the comments!

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  1. So many I didn’t even know about! It might also be worth mentioning the vegan soft serve/shakes at The Wedge Co-op & The Wedge Table. The espresso bomb is just espresso and soft serve, and it’s soo good.

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