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Bamboo is an amazing sustainable resource, and it’s perfect for making utensils and straws.

bamboo utensils and straws with a cloth pouch

Reducing waste is a process. I finally started composting when I found out that Saint Paul has a free drop off spot, and I recently welcomed a bidet into my life. So when the co-founder of theotherstraw reached out to me about reviewing their bamboo utensils, I happily took them up on the offer.

Theotherstraw is an Australian company that initially only offered bamboo straws, but as you can see above, they’ve since expanded their line to include utensils as well as coconut bowls. They chose bamboo because it grows quickly and is incredibly environmentally-friendly. The products are organic, dishwasher safe, and once you’re done with them (in several years, most likely), you can compost them.

All of theotherstraw products feel quite sturdy, and I like that the knife is serrated for easier cutting. I’ve used To-Go Ware products, but I like this fork better since it’s four-pronged whereas To-Go Ware’s forks are three-pronged. Food is much easier to pick up with the four prongs that are closer together.

The straws are my favorite because they have a nice mouth feel, and they don’t easily absorb heat or cold like a metal or stainless steel straw. (And don’t even get me started on paper straws, blech.) You can get one that’s a pretty standard size, but they also have straws with bigger diameters that are better for things like smoothies.

four bamboo straws with different diameters shot from the top down

When you’re on the go, bamboo utensils are especially nice because of how lightweight they are. The fork, knife, and spoon set comes with a cloth pouch for easy storage, and you can easily fit a straw or two in as well.

Theotherstraw offers free shipping to the US for orders over $20, and hopefully they’ll acquire more retailers here as time goes on. They package and ship plastic-free to further their mission. They also put 50% of their profits “towards supporting projects that protect the world’s oceans and marine life.”

the other essentials bamboo fork and knife with takeout food and cloth napkis

I greatly appreciate what theotherstraw is doing for the environment, especially the oceans. Plastic products are a huge problem, and we need companies like this to help us combat these issues. You may have come across these commentaries on social media:

  • Telling people to just not use straws is ableist.
  • If you tell people to stop using straws to save the ocean’s fish, then also make sure you stop eating fish to save the ocean’s fish.

What are some simple things that you do to reduce your waste? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Thank you to theotherstraw for gifting me their products to try. I love them!

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