Vegan Options at Rise Bagel Co.

Bagel with Vegan Sausage & Cream Cheese

Rise Bagel Co. is in downtown Minneapolis, and all of their bagels are vegan. They also offer vegan cream cheese, sausage, carrot lox, and butter. It’s a cool, modern space where you order at the counter and they call your name when your food is ready.

The first time I visited, I overlooked the vegan sausage on the menu, so I had an Everything Bagel with scallion cream cheese. The cream cheese is really soft, and there was a bit too much for me, but the flavor was good. If you need to talk to people soon after you have the scallion cream cheese, I recommend having a breath mint on hand.

the cross section of an everything bagel with carrot lox, tomatoes, red onions, and vegan cream cheese
Bagel with Mock Lox and Vegan Cream Cheese

I visited with a friend recently and made sure to get the vegan sausage, and this time I stuck with plain cream cheese. For some reason, the sandwich made me think of the sausage biscuit sandwich from McDonald’s. I loved it!

I’ve also had the carrot lox which isn’t too mushy, and I like that it also comes with tomato and red onion. This is one tasty breakfast sandwich, and I might prefer it over the sausage and cream cheese sandwich.

How wonderful is it that we can go to a bagel shop and get this many options? If you haven’t eaten as Rise Bagel Co. yet, you should try and work it into your schedule sometime soon!

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3 Responses to Vegan Options at Rise Bagel Co.

  1. Cadry says:

    Oh, I envy all of your options! I adore bagel sandwiches, but I’m always stuck to making them at home. (The only vegan bagel topping option at Bruegger’s is their packaged hummus, and it is terrible.)

    • Cadry says:

      Oh, wait. They also have peanut butter too. Still, it’s no vegan sausage or lox!

      • Laura BSB says:

        They really do need to step up their game! The last time I went to Bruegger’s, I opted for the hummus and they nearly sliced my bagel with the same one they had just used to slice one with cream cheese. I’m glad I was watching but ugh.

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