Eating Plant Based at White Castle

I grew up going to McDonald’s and Burger King but not White Castle. When I learned that all White Castle locations in the US started carrying the Impossible Burger, I figured it was worth a visit. As you can see in the ad above, it comes with cheese so you have to ask to leave it off. They’ve had vegan buns and burgers for a long time, so that’s one less thing to worry about. And they prepare the plant based products on a separate grill from the animal products.

White Castle was already carrying vegan sliders with Dr. Praeger’s patties, and at least for now they are continuing to do so. I am not a fan of these patties. They’re quite mushy, and I like a firm burger that holds together well. We bought 5 for $5 so at least they’re cheap.

The Impossible Burgers are reminiscent of animal burgers, though mine came naked and it would have been nice to have pickles or onions. According to comments on my Instagram post, whether or not they automatically add these seems to vary with location, and your best bet is to directly ask for what you’d like on it. And again, ask for no cheese, and double check before you leave the premises just in case they add it by accident.

One pro-tip I received is to use the app or order online where you can choose onion and pickles as well as deselect cheese.

They have a combo meal for $7.50 where you get two sliders, fries, and a drink. I’m happy they are able to provide a reasonable price point for it, though I don’t intend to start going to White Castle regularly by any means. While I’m definitely a junk food vegan, I stopped having fast food regularly ten years ago and I don’t see that changing. It’s a great option in a pinch, though, if you find yourself somewhere that isn’t vegan-friendly. I feel like I’m never far from a White Castle, Chipotle, Subway, or Taco Bell. What’s your go-to fast food spot with plant based options?

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