VRUNCH at Steady Pour

cocktail with cream foam and a piece of orange peel

Having not done much brunching in the past year, I jumped at the chance to try out one or two of Chef Marisol Herling’s Vrunch pop-ups at Steady Pour. She’s had three weekends scheduled there this month, with a different menu for each weekend.

You can select between three entrees, and with each $42 ticket you get one entrée and bottomless drinks. There’s also a takeout option sans cocktails if you’d prefer.

The cocktail above is a rum cocktail with coffee and a piece of orange peel, and it went down very easily. It was slightly sweet but not overly so, and not super strong with just the right amount of orange flavor — a perfect brunch cocktail. The other option was a gin mimosa which tasted like sweet hard lemonade. The mimosa was a bit too acidic for me, though super tasty. I liked that you could enjoy both cocktails with your meal.

two chocolate covered strawberries

Before bringing out the main dishes, we got to snack on chocolate-covered strawberries while we started in on our cocktails. So good!

stuffed vegan french toast topped with raspberry compote and a side of breakfast potatoes

Stuffed French Toast was one entrée option, and it came with The Herbivorous Butcher brie, caramelized onions, and a raspberry compote. The compote had some heat to it, which surprised me, but I liked the unexpectedness. While this was good, I found myself still wishing for maple syrup to top everything off.

vegan biscuits and gravy with pieces of seitan breakfast sausage and mushrooms with a side of breakfast potatoes

The Biscuits and Gravy with mushrooms and The Herbivorous Butcher maple sage breakfast sausage were definitely the highlight of the meal. Proportions were just right, and the biscuits were flaky and fresh. The breakfast potatoes were also delicious.

The Steady Pour event space is bright thanks to lots of windows, and it’s nice and airy with high ceilings. There were four long tables set up with different parties set up at the ends of each table to allow for social distancing. The DJ was a great touch with a fun mix of danceable music that wasn’t too loud to allow for easy conversation.

Chef Marisol’s next Vrunch pop-up menu features Waffle Sandwiches! Check out the Steady Pour website and scroll down to the Vrunch series to see the menu. Also make sure to follow Chef Marisol on Instagram to hear about future events.

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