New Vegan Protein Snacks

three bags of midi bites protein snacks

Both Midi Bites and Mezcla offered to send me their products for review, so while product was provided to me, opinions shared here are my own.

Midi Bites

Midi Bites are small protein snacks that are vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free, and soy-free. They’re mostly smooth with a little bit of texture, depending on the flavor. The almond and peanut flavors contain cold pressed coconut oil and coconut, so I’d only recommend those if you really like coconut because the flavor comes through rather strongly. The chocolate is coconut-free has a subtle flavor. They’re all slightly sweet but not overly so.

One bite is surprisingly filling, so even though there are only five per bag, you will likely find yourself not eating them all in one sitting. When you order on their website, it’s $5 per bag, and you can buy a 6-pack of one flavor or a sampler that has one bag of each. I think this price point is incredibly reasonable for this high quality product.

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Mezcla Protein Bars

three vegan protein bars from Mezcla

Mezcla just launched their vegan protein bars which are also non-gmo, gluten-free, and soy-free. They use quinoa and amaranth as the base, with tapioca syrup mixed in to give it a tacky texture.

These bars are really tasty! I’m not one to focus on protein, so I’d get them again just because they’re good. The Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate was a tad spicy for me, so I passed it onto some friends who appreciate it more than I do. The Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter doesn’t have a super strong flavor, but it was satisfying in regards to my sweet tooth and texture preferences (I hate soft/mushy flavors). The Japanese Matcha Vanilla Crunch bar is subtle in regards to the matcha, and the coating reminds me of almond bark.

What’s especially cool about Mezcla is they like to feature artists from around the world, so you can scan the QR code on the bars which will take you to the Mezcla website where you can regularly learn about different artists.

They’re $2.50 per bar if you buy a pack of eight, which seems like a very fair price. If you order the three pack sampler, you just have to pay $4.95 for shipping. Then you can sample each flavor and see what you like best before committing to an eight pack.

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I look forward to seeing these businesses grow and hope you can try them yourself.

Thank you to Midi Bites and Mezcla for sending me these products!

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