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It’s no secret that ALDI is dropping new vegan products left and right. The easiest way to find these is to look for the “Earth Grown Vegan” logo in the top left corner of the product. Take note that Earth Grown has some vegetarian products, so if you don’t see “Vegan” then double check the product. I’ve enjoyed the Chickenless Patties: regular, BBQ, and buffalo. These are $3.49 per pack, and each has 4 patties. The Quinoa Crunch Burgers are $3.69 for a 4-pack.

The first burgers I tried were the Thai and Asian Veggie Burgers, and they are so bad, I almost didn’t want to try their other burgers. They’re mushy, and I couldn’t even get them to crisp up in my air fryer. Thank goodness they made more kinds! I’m excited to try these Soy Protein Burgers:

This is one example where you want to double check the package because they were stocked in the same space as vegetarian burgers.

I spotted vegan Mozzarella Shreds at one store, but they looked like re-branded Go Veggie shreds, so I passed. They also regularly have almond and soy milk. And now cream cheese! While the package doesn’t say “vegan,” I didn’t see anything on the label that indicates animal products, and the store tag says “vegan.” Even in the ingredients, they note that it’s non-dairy lactic acid, and the base is soy.

Another fun new find: ice cream! I bought Mocha Fudge, which has an almond milk base, and it’s creamy and yummy. Each pint retails for $2.99.

They have regular and Italian meatballs which are slightly too soft for me, but I still enjoy them. A 16oz bag retails for $3.89, and I’ve used one bag over three meals for two people. Oh, and one cat…

Pasta with red sauce, Earth Grown meatballs, and The Herbivorous Butcher Smoked Gouda

As far as non-Earth Grown products, there a few that stand out to me. The first are these chips by Simply Nature. Both say “vegan” on the back of the bag, and even though they might still be junk food, they’re healthier than traditional potato chips.

If you are used to using honey, I’d recommend you switch to an alternative to help out our bee friends. I use maple syrup and agave most often, and this organic non-GMO Blue Agave retails for $2.99.

Simply Nature appears to be as prevalent as Earth Grown, and the line offers many affordable organic and non-GMO products. I found Milled Brown Flax Seeds which are sooooo good for you because of the Omega-3s, fiber content, and antioxidants. You can either buy whole seeds and grind them as needed, or buy a bag of ground seeds like this and store it in the freezer so it lasts longer. Like the bag says, you can add it to cereal, smoothies, and more. It’s also a great egg replacer when you mix it with water.

My final recent favorite finds are the Cook House Korean sauces. I love putting a can of Trader Joe’s jackfruit and a bunch of the Bulgogi Sauce in my Instant Pot and slow cooking it. It turns out perfectly every time. This method would also work really well with soy curls.

These are all products I’ve found at the following ALDI locations:

2350 Rice Street, Little Canada

3120 Penn Avenue North, Minneapolis

5025 Central Avenue Northeast, Columbia Heights

Sadly, the vegan dressings remain elusive to me, though I’ve seen other people post about them online. That’s probably their secret to keep me coming back, haha. ALDI always has a nice selection of produce, and it’s easy to snag some other basics like bread and cereal.

What are your favorite things to buy at ALDI?

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