Vegan Options at The Tilted Tiki

The Tilted Tiki is a tropical-themed restaurant and bar in downtown Stillwater, MN with a great vegan section on their menu.

Tilted Tacos with Beyond Beef™ Crumbles

The Tilted Tiki is a tropical-themed restaurant and bar in downtown Stillwater, MN, and at the start of 2018 they added a vegan section to their menu, featuring Beyond Meat products and tofu. The owners have offered special discounts on their vegan dishes several times, making the trek well worth it, though it’s not that bad of a drive from St. Paul to begin with.

They have an extensive cocktail menu, so it’s always tough deciding what to have. Either way, both times I’ve visited has been during this rough Minnesota winter, so I’ve been happy to have these fun, bright cocktails to help me channel the warmth of summer.

Hawaiian Tofu Wings

The Hawaiian Tofu Wings are a great starter to share with friends. The tofu comes out crisp and hot, and they have a few sauces to choose from. I’d recommend the strawberry passion jerk lava which is spicy but also a little sweet. If you’re a Minnesota spicy person, it might be a bit much for you, in which case I’d recommend the teriyaki sauce.

The first time I visited, I had the Grilled Cheese Sammy with pineapple and tofu bacon. I was a little skeptical because I’m not a fan of pineapple, but it was delicious! The Daiya cheese was melted and gooey, and everything worked surprisingly well together.

Tilted Tacos with Beyond Beef™ Crumbles

This time around, I had the Beyond Beef™ Tilted Tacos which include Beyond Beef™ Crumbles, chickpeas, shredded cheese, and carrots topped with pineapple salsa. It comes with four but three was plenty because they are packed with yummy goodness. Adding chickpeas is a great idea because they offer additional hardiness and texture to the dish. I would eat them again in a heartbeat.

Beyond Beef™ Sloppy Hawaiian

As you may have guessed, the Sloppy Hawaiian is The Tilted Tiki’s take on a sloppy Joe. The filling is similar to the tacos, and I’m a fan of the potato flats as a side. Lau’ai Slaw comes with almost every dish, and it’s crunchy but the sauce is nice and creamy.

Daiya New York Cheezecake

They even have dessert! This Daiya New York Cheezecake was perfect for two, and it came with piña colada and strawberry dipping sauces.

They’ve done a great job with their vegan options, and I can’t wait to sit out on their patio this summer.

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  1. I’ve been so curious with all of your IG posts about this place. Thanks for a review! I especially love the mention of “Minnesota Spicy” 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Georgia! I wanted to do a write up after my first visit but it was a dark winter evening so my photos were awful haha. 🙂

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