Tare Market: Minnesota’s First Zero Waste Shop

Tare Market offers sustainable products and bulk purchasing to help reduce your waste.

A look inside Tare Market in Minneapolis with rows of various products from bulk food to personal care

I consider myself an environmentalist, which is one of the many reasons I’m vegan. To further align myself with this ethic, I’ve (finally) started looking at ways to decrease my waste. Lucky for me, Tare Market is now open in south Minneapolis, and it’s Minnesota’s first zero waste shop.

I’ve been following them on Instagram and supported their Indiegogo, so to see it come to life is exciting. They offer products I never would have considered: from bulk makeup to soap nuts to biodegradable bandages to bulk barbecue sauce.

Vegan dish washing block from No Tox Life

I love No Tox Life and was happy to see their Dish Washing Block on the shelves. They also have dish washing liquid in bulk, along with all purpose cleaner, hand/body soap, and the like. You’ll also find sustainable scrub brushes

Bulk dish and hand soap, all purpose cleaner, and soap flakes at Tare Market in Minneapolis
Several kinds of soap from Soap and Rope Co: unscented, citrus and herb, activated charcoal, and red rose.

There’s also bar soap from Soap + Rope Co, which is locally made and vegan. You’ll find sustaintable toothbrushes, razors, menstrual cups and washable pads, and bar shampoo and conditioner.

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan company that makes personal care products such as deodorant, lip balm, and soap. Tare carries several of their products, which are easy to spot because of their fun, unique branding.

eucalyptus lemon deodorant stick by Meow Meow Tweet

Next up is Tare’s extensive bulk food section, which includes dry goods such as nuts, legumes, flours, and spices, along with oils and maple syrup. This is a good time to note that Tare Market is not a vegan store, as they sell honey in bulk, and some of the non-food products include honey or beeswax, so check your labels. You’ll also find wool dryer balls.

bulk bins including hulled barley, red lentils, buckwheat groats, green split peas, and millet

Tare sells mason jars and bags, but of course it’s best to bring your own container from home. You can use tupperware, jam jars, old pillowcases – get creative! The main thing is that you weigh it before you add the product, which is known as the tare weight (get it?). Then when you weigh the whole thing, you subtract the tare weight so you only pay for the product itself.

bulk spices at Tare Market in Minneapolis

I very rarely wear makeup, but I love the bulk options by Elate Cosmetics. Their products are vegan and something I never would have considered buying in bulk.

Tare Market has opened my eyes even wider to the concept of zero waste. I mentioned bulk purchasing in my post Co-op Shopping on a Budget, but Tare takes things to the next level. My Indiegogo reward is a zero waste coffee class by SK Coffee, and I can’t wait!

If you have any zero waste resources or tips to share, I’d love to hear them. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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