Simply Eggless Plant Based Eggs

a hand holding a bottle of Simply Eggless with scrambled vegan egg

I recently ordered Simply Eggless through Vegan Essentials, so I’m sharing the video below to show how it cooked up for me. It’s similar to Just Egg in that it’s liquid in a bottle, but the base is lupin beans instead of mung beans.

Since I hadn’t used it before, I started with 3 Tbsp which is the equivalent of one egg, according to the bottle. A serving size is 4.5 Tbsp, assuming my math is correct.

nutritional label for Simply Eggless plant based vegan egg

I was surprised at how quickly it started to firm up, and my skillet was set to medium heat at about 320 degrees. I obviously used way too much oil, which may have been part of the reason the pieces wouldn’t stick back together once they were separated.

The egg taste is fairly mild, so you may want to add kala namuk, but I liked it as is with a sprinkle of salt. The texture is soft and light, and this would work great as an omelette or quiche.

Simply Eggless isn’t widely available just yet, but hopefully they’ll soon have a store locator on their website. The 16oz bottle was $6.29 through Vegan Essentials.

What’s your favorite egg alternative?

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