Brunch at Seed Cafe in Minneapolis

Since I had already checked out Seed Cafe’s lunch/dinner menu (see post here), it was time to scope out brunch. I’d heard good things about the Breakfast Sandwich, so I honed in on it pretty quickly on the menu. 

It’s focaccia bread topped with avocado, tofu, greens, and cheesy aioli with a side of rosemary potatoes. Holy man, this whole thing is delicious. The aioli has a base of cashews, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other plant based goodness, which gives it a rich flavor. It’s a messy sandwich, but it’s totally worth it. The potatoes were cooked just right and not super oily, with just the right amount of seasoning. 

My friends had the Big Breakfast which is tofu scramble with cheesy aioli, roasted kale, rosemary potatoes, and sourdough toast. I didn’t try it, but it looked delicious. If I get it, I might be tempted to make a little breakfast sandwich with the bread, tofu, and kale.

I’m thrilled to have a new brunch option in the Twin Cities! My other favorite spots are J. Selby’s (only on Sundays) and Pizza Luce. I also enjoy French Meadow and Buzz. What’s your favorite vegan brunch spot?

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