Revamped: Reverie Mobile Kitchen

The vegan community experienced a tough blow when Reverie closed during summer 2017. But now we can rejoice because they’re back in action and they’re MOBILE! I met up with them at Dangerous Man Brewing where they have a residency every Thursday evening in May. The menu is exactly what I had come to know and love about their food: comforting and full of complementary flavors and textures.

My favorite at the restaurant was always the Cubano, so I knew I had to start with the Cuban Sliders. If that was also your go to, you won’t be disappointed. The only difference I noticed is these are on wheat instead of white bread. Sliders are such a perfect food truck option because they’re easy to pick up with one hand. And the portions on Reverie’s sliders are spot on – a generous portion of jackfruit, a little crunch from the pickled onions, and that amazing garlic aioli (they’re hard to see in the pic, but I promise they’re there!). 

Jackfruit Cuban Sliders

I also ordered the Nachos Supreme so I could share with a friend. I mainly just wanted to try the cashew nacho cheese sauce, and it’s delicious! I didn’t notice too much flavor from the lime leaf sour cream, but it added to the creaminess. Reverie does an excellent job preparing their jackfruit so it’s always soft and well seasoned. 

Nachos Supreme

I had scoped out the menu on their Instagram account earlier in the day and noted the dessert options: mini cheesecake or a cupcake. I honestly was planning on not getting anything sweet this time around, but then the menu board said the cupcake was Espresso Chocolate. Sold. These are a nice size because they’re not so big that you feel a sugar overload but substantial enough that you feel like you get your money’s worth. 

Espresso Chocolate Cupcakes

Reverie Mobile Kitchen is such a welcome addition to the local food truck scene. While many trucks have good vegan options, Reverie’s is the first fully vegan truck. And I can’t wait for The Herbivorous Butcher Food Truck to join them next month! To find out where Reverie is parked from day-to-day, you can check the calendar on their website and/or follow them on social media:

Website |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter

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