Reverie is open for curbside pick up!

Reverie is currently open for curbside pick up with limited hours and menu.

After closing up shop a couple weeks before our shelter-in-place order went into effect, Reverie is now open again and they’re offering curbside pick up. For now, they’re open daily from 4-8pm with a somewhat limited menu, but I’m sure those will expand over time.

Be sure to read the detailed information posted on their ordering page so you know what to expect when you place your order and when you arrive. Select from appetizers, entrees, and dessert. They even have beer and wine, and you can purchase a meal to donate to healthcare workers.

fried cauliflower on the left with potato wedges on the right
Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with potato wedges

My beloved KBLT hasn’t made its way back to the menu quite yet, so I went with one of my other faves: the Crispy Cauliflower Tacos. They fry these in magic, I swear. And there’s always more cauliflower than the tortillas can handle, so I recommend popping a few on their own.

vegan mac and cheese topped with mushrooms and parmesan
Mac and Cheese

The Mac and Cheese is another favorite. It’s a smoked gouda cheese with shiitake bacon. I’m not a huge mushroom lover, but I could eat these on their own for a snack. The flavor is quite savory and a little salty, and the mushrooms aren’t chewy at all like some of them can be.

a vegan burger with a side of arugula salad
Rev Burger

My partner got the Rev Burger. It’s a house made patty with tomato jam, smoked mushrooms, and kimchi aioli. Because of the jam, this one has a slight sweetness which may throw some people off. The burger patty itself, however, has a rich and hearty flavor.

three vegan candy bars by Mod Kitsch

Last but not least: dessert! Mod Kitsch makes vegan and gluten-free vegan versions of popular candy bars, and I can’t recommend them enough. My favorites are the Miss Congeniality which is like a salted nut roll (!!) and the Peanut Butter Cup. If you like Almond Joy, then I’ll steer you to the Triple Joy Bar. You can get all three for $10 through Reverie or if you order directly from Mod Kitsch.

Reverie also has pints of Crepe and Spoon ice cream with rotating flavors. We picked up a pint of Mint Chocolate Chip which is such a refreshing summer flavor. Crepe and Spoon has also been open with limited hours, so I encourage you to make your way over there for a sweet or savory crepe (or one of each, if we’re being real).

What’s your favorite dish at Reverie? Please share in the comments!

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