Pick up PLNT BSD Smoothie Bowls curbside

PLNT BSD has been a Twin Cities fixture for several years with their apparel line. They’ve sold at Twin Cities Veg Fest, Vegan Invasion, and smaller events around town. You can purchase their apparel online as well. I have one of their hoodies and it’s probably the softest thing in my closet.

a smoothie bowl held up next to a sign that reads "live in harmony with one another"

Their new iteration is PLNT BSD Smoothie Bowls, which operated out of a cute little cart last year, and now has a more permanent home in the heart of downtown White Bear Lake. Currently, they’re open Friday through Sunday from 8am-2pm, and they offer curbside pick up exclusively for the forseeable future.

a smoothie bowl topped with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, and chia seeds
Berry Bliss

You place your order online with five to ten minutes’ notice, and they set it outside on a table once it’s ready. I’m about fifteen minutes away, so I got my order ready, started driving, then submitted the order about five minutes into my drive.

Owner Caroline was right there to greet me with a smile when I arrived, and my bowls were pretty as can be. I selected the Berry Bliss which comes with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, and chia seeds. My partner ordered the Power Bowl which was topped with peanut butter, cereal flakes, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and bananas. The base is bananas and almond milk.

smoothie bowl topped with peanut butter, cereal flakes, hemp hearts, and bananas
Power Bowl

Everything was fresh and filling, and the portions are a good size. Some might be able to split one between two people, depending on how hungry you are.

The Twin Cities is filled with places offering more indulgent food, so PLNT BSD Smoothie Bowls is a nice addition to help balance things out. Be sure to follow them on social media because they will post if they’re sold out for the day, which has already happened a few times.

If you’re not sure when you might be able to make it there, consider helping them out by purchasing a gift card to use at a later date. Most businesses are struggling right now, and having a brand new place especially isn’t easy. Either way, I hope you can enjoy a PLNT BSD smoothie bowl soon!

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