Review: Pig Out Pigless Pork Rinds

four bags of pig out vegan pork rinds

A little over a year ago, Outstanding Foods released their line of Pig Out Bacon Chips, and I’m hooked on the vegan cheddar flavor (check out my review). The bacon chips are mushroom based, and now they’ve released a line of vegan pork rinds that have a base of rice and pea protein.

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No Buy Update

I’m two weeks into my low/no buy January, and I still have the itch to dine out pretty frequently. Through this challenge, I’ve started paying more attention to the triggers that make me want to go out to eat, which is basically anything and everything. But it’s also felt great to see more money in my bank account, which will help keep me motivated to stick with it.

I thought I’d use this post as a way to share some small things that save me money, so read on for some of my favorite personal care products and also a fun budget-friendly gift idea.

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Meal Prepping with The Simply Vegan Cookbook

The Simply Vegan Cookbook surrounded by mason jars and a bowl of vegan dhal

As I mentioned in my No Buy January post, I’ve done more meal prepping in the first 6 days of January than I think I did in all of 2019. One of the many, many benefits to this is that I’ll actually use my cookbooks! I’m fortunate to have several talented friends who have released an assortment of cookbooks, and I love supporting them. However, I admittedly have not been great about utilizing said cookbooks.

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Plant Based Birthday Freebies

During most of my 30s, I haven’t been big on celebrating my birthday, but the number of freebies available has given me a good excuse. Many local establishments offer free dessert, but there are a few other treats to enjoy. And of course, there are chains with vegan options.

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New Year = No Buy

It’s a new year, a new decade, and I know several people who are using this as a chance to do a reset in their lives, whether going plant based for Veganuary, cutting out sugar, exercising more, etc.

Personally, I’ve delved into a no buy January. With a 10-day trip to Ireland coming up in April, I want to make sure I have enough to freely experience whatever I’d like to while I’m there. I’m fortunate to have very low living expenses, but dining out and going to the theater are my vices, and I needed to put myself in check.

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Review: Barr Necessities Cookies

line up of five flavors of the Empowered Cookie

Barr Necessities reached out to me about reviewing their Empowered Cookies, and I can’t pass up cookies. With the new year, many people are trying out Veganuary (sign up here to take the pledge!) and there are more options than ever for enjoying the same foods you’re used to. Take these soft, moist, flavorful cookies, for example.

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Vegan Options at Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse franchises can be found around the country, and the Twin Cities has a location in Woodbury. In poking around their website, it appears that nearly all have a separate vegan menu, or at least vegan options on their regular menu. They use a fun, B-movie themed decor, and they have comfortable reclining seats. There’s a table for every two seats, and each person gets their own menu. You write down your order, display it in the rail at the edge of your table, and the servers will come around to take your order.

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Twin Cities Vegan Gift Guide

Our wonderful little vegan community is not that little anymore, and it’s easier than ever to support local businesses with compassionate offerings. The holiday season is upon us, but these gift ideas are for any time of year. 

Note: While many of these places make and sell 100% vegan goods, not all are fully vegan so double check before purchasing. For example, Urban Forage sells mead in addition to vegan cider and wine, and The Buzz has non-vegan waffle mix. 

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Vegan Options at Crisp & Green

white bowl with greens, quinoa, and squash
#SquashBowls Grain Bowl

Crisp & Green is a fast casual eatery, and they just opened two new locations in St. Paul. They have some suburb and Minneapolis locations with further expansion plans in the works. You can either select from their salad or bowls menu, or build your own. They also have smoothies which are all vegan and feature pea protein.

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Review: Birch Benders Plant Protein Pancake Mix

stack of vegan pancakes

Birch Benders is based in Denver, CO, and they’ve coined themselves a “micro-pancakery.” They make pancake and waffle mixes, along with a few different kinds of toaster waffles. You can find their products at retail stores across the country.

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