Vegan Eats at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market

Somehow I came across Radical Eats on Instagram so I kept an eye out for when I could try their food for the first time. They were supposed to debut at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market last weekend, but it was rained out, so today was their first day selling. Their Instagram bio describes them as “3 friends serving up plant-based comfort classics that are Mother Earth approved.”

Radical Eats had planned to have cashew cheese curds, but unfortunately the consistency of the batch wasn’t quite right so those will have to wait for another day. Which meant I “settled” for their vegan poutine.

The fries were fried on the spot then topped with gravy, cashew cheese, and herbs. The salt level was a little high for my liking, but I think they add salt so next time I’ll double check and leave that off if that’s the case. Otherwise… yum! The gravy has a nice texture and isn’t too thick, and the cashew cheese is wonderfully creamy.

Radical Eats also had Southern Sliders made from BBQ jackfruit and a sweet and crunchy slaw, so I’ll have to try them sometime as well. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Root To Rise was also at the farmers market today with their infamous mac and cheese veggrolls. They’re served with a side of horseradish aioli and come out of the fry piping hot, so you’ll want to give them time to cool off before diving in. 

Like Radical Eats, Root To Rise makes a creamy cashew cheese, and the wrapper gets perfectly crispy and golden brown, as you can see.

While I was waiting for all of this food to cook, I wandered around the market which has quite a few veggie stands. Everything looked bright and luscious, so I grabbed a bunch of kale as well as a few kohlrabi. I was first introduced to kohlrabi a couple years ago at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and while it kind of looks like a big turnip, it’s actually in the same family as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. My preferred method of eating it is to cut off the skin and eat it raw, kind of like an apple.

My last stop was Treat Yourself Cookies whom I’ve purchased vegan cookies from in the past. Today, their vegan offering was Chocolate Peppermint Crinklers which are also gluten free. If you’ve had a York Peppermint Patty before, that’s exactly what they taste like. 

All in all, I’d consider this a very successful trip to the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. Sweet Root is often there as well, but she’s taking the weekend off. Luckily, I could get my fix at work because The Herbivorous Butcher sells a couple of her products every weekend. Have you scored any good plant based finds at farmers markets lately? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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