Nona Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Before I was vegan, one of the few “home made” dishes I could execute successfully was chicken alfredo. I loved alfredo sauce and haven’t spent much time trying to find a good vegan alternative. As I was browsing Vegan Essentials for my last order, I came across NONA Vegan Alfredo Sauce and figured it was worth trying.

package of vegan alfredo style sauce by NONA Vegan

NONA’s products are cashew-based, and they also make a cheesy-style sauce and a carbonara-style sauce. They’re based in Canada, so it’s nice to have the option to purchase through Vegan Essentials. More label info coming at you…

ingredient list for NONA vegan alfredo sauce
nutrition label for NONA vegan alfredo sauce

We had also ordered Be Leaf’s vegan shrimp which I love, along with Loving Hut vegan shrimp which I’ve also purchase through Vegan Essentials. Naturally, it made sense to make vegan shrimp alfredo for dinner.

We spent a few minutes frying the shrimp first, and then we mixed in the alfredo sauce which is quite thick and creamy.

spaghettia noodles with vegan shrimp and alfredo sauce

I unfortunately can’t really specify how it seems different to me, but it doesn’t taste the way I remember alfredo sauce tasting. That isn’t to say it’s not good. Because it is. The texture is smooth and rich, and I love the earthiness from the basil and oregano.

This alfredo-style sauce would be great in a number of dishes, even something like a green bean casserole and not necessarily only with pasta. If you’d like more ideas, NONA has several recipes posted on their site. What kind of dish would you use it in?

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  1. Interesting! I don’t like the Victoria’s Alfredo, too bitter/lemony and too expensive. I’ll try this one, thanks for the tip!

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