Vegan Options at Naviya’s Thai Brasserie

Naviya’s Thai Brasserie has a great selection of vegan and/or gluten-free dishes, and they offer tofu and mock duck.

Living on the north side of St. Paul, I don’t make it to the western part of the Twin Cities often, but Naviya’s makes it worth it now and again (as well as Linden Hills Farmers Market). Many dishes are either marked “vegan” or “vegan upon request,” along with a fair amount of gluten-free offerings.

They can make their green, red, and Massaman curries vegan, but the server said they aren’t always able to offer all three of them vegan, so ask about the options when you arrive. We were lucky enough to have all three available the night I went, so it made sense to try the Curry Trio. You can add tofu or mock duck as well as select a heat level of one through five.

I opted for the Spicy Noodles, which the server informed me aren’t actually spicy, so I went with level two heat and they turned out perfectly. And the noodle to veggies to mock duck ratio was just right. I could eat this over and over again.

To back track to the beginning of the meal, we selected Summer Tofu Rolls as an appetizer. They’re vegan and gluten-free and come with a yummy sweet and sour cucumber sauce.

Our server was attentive and helpful, and the food came out timely and fresh. It’s a good date night spot but casual enough for something more relaxed. If you’ve been there, what would you recommend?

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