Modern Table’s Vegan Mac and Cheese

Modern Table has three vegan macaroni and cheese flavors: Classic Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, and Southwest.

a bowl of Modern Table's southwest vegan macaroni and cheese

Modern Table offers three flavors of vegan macaroni and cheese: Classic Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, and Southwest. I purchased them at Whole Foods and wanted to compare them all and see which one I like best.

They’re simple to prepare in that all you have to add after you cook the noodles is butter, milk, and the cheese packet. I used Earth Balance and unsweetened original almond milk. Classic Cheddar and Southwest come with elbow noodles, and White Cheddar comes with spiral noodles. The noodles are made with red lentil flour, white rice, and pea protein. The website states that the palm oil is certified sustainably sourced, but the packaging does not indicate that. All three are certified gluten-free, and they are made in a nut-free facility.

Overall, I enjoyed all of them and found the cheese quite creamy. To me, Classic Cheddar had the most processed taste of the three. Southwest has extra flavor thanks to the addition of onion and garlic powder, but I found myself wanting some heat. I had Kelly’s Crouton’s Taco Tuesday Parm on hand, so I sprinkled a healthy dose of that on top, but chili powder would work well too.

Classic Cheddar Style

White Cheddar Style was hands down my favorite of the three. The cheddar flavor was natural and light, and let’s face it – spiral noodles are much more fun than elbow noodles. Not only that, but the spirals offer more texture than the elbow noodles.

White Cheddar Style

While I could easily take down a whole box myself, Modern Table says there are two servings in each box, so you can share with a friend. I’ve tried several other varieties of packaged vegan mac and cheese, but Modern Table’s is my favorite, hands down. (I promise that this post is not sponsored, and I purchased all three flavors myself!)

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal, these are a great option. Hopefully they’ll expand their distribution to more than just Whole Foods.

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