Miss Garrett’s Vegan Soul

Fried Cauliflower with Summer Salad

I first tried Miss Garrett’s Vegan Soul in October 2019 and was immediately drawn into the obvious love and care she puts into her food. Aaliyah currently operates out of her home in NE Minneapolis but is fundraising for a physical location. She shares this on the GoFundMe page:

Miss Garrett’s vegan soul is a family own business with recipes that have been passed down and that I have made vegan friendly. Cooking is my passion, being a single mother of four allows me to come up with more ideas and creative more healthy recipes. When I became vegan 3 years ago I did it for medical reason for my daughter that was diagnose at birth with a heart condition, and for my son that was diagnosed at one years old with an abnormal strain of lupus/sickle cell, never did I think in a million years my kids would no longer need the meds they were taking because of a lifestyle change. 

The offerings change regularly, and I most recently enjoyed the Soul Boom Bowl (pineapple with fried rice), Soul Rolls (upper left), and Taco Rolls (upper right). With Miss Garrett’s Vegan Soul, you’ll find rich flavors and dishes that are quite filling. Watch out for the sauces though – they’re often pretty spicy!

It’s best to follow on Facebook (they’re not as active on Instagram) to find out about what’s available from day to day, and they offer pick up as well as occasional delivery.

If you’re not able to order food or contribute to the GoFundMe, even sharing on your own channels can help, as well as commenting on their social media posts to help increase the exposure.

If you’re interested in other Twin Cities Black vegans to support, check out this post.

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