Vegan Finds at Mike’s Discount Foods

I had some extra time today, so I trekked half an hour to the Mike’s Discount Foods in Anoka. I hadn’t visited this location before, and now I know to stick with the Mike’s in Fridley. It’s the biggest of the three and thus has the most potential for scoring vegan goods.

Let’s start with the Neat Italian Ground Meat Mix. The base is pecans, garbanzo beans, and spices, and it’s soy- and gluten-free. I’m most familiar with the Neat Egg and look forward to trying the Italian Mix. It retails for around $5 so I saved a couple dollars. It sounds like it’d be perfect for spaghetti. Speaking of spaghetti…

I picked up a box of Adzuki Bean Spaghetti, and it’s labeled vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO verified. I think it’ll be perfect with the Italian Mix.

I’m personally not a fan of Rice Dream rice milk as I find it too watery, but this happened to be the only plant milk Mike’s had today. I haven’t been able to find many plant milks recently, but I know it just depends on who has overstock or expiring product. So maybe it’s good if other stores are selling enough that they don’t have overstock or expired plant milk?

This Pure Blends Coconut Oil Buttery Spread is certified vegan and gluten-free. I didn’t pick it up this time around as I have plenty of vegan butter at home, but I’d be open to trying it at some point.

I also passed on this Spectrum Mayo because I’m well stocked with Follow Your Heart’s Vegenaise, but I love that it’s labeled vegan and plant-based. It retails for around $5.

These are a handful of vegan products I found today, along with some produce. I also got two bags of Food Should Taste Good Guacamole Chips and a bag of chipotle, onion, and garlic Hemp Heart Toppers. Every time I go I feel like I’m going to spend $50+ but I tend to average around $30 per visit.

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