Grocery Haul: Mike’s Discount Foods

I’ve hit up Mike’s Discount Foods quite a few times since I posted about my first haul. Today was my first visit to the Fridley location which is bigger and better than the Columbia Heights location.

As you can see in the photo above, there was an awesome selection of plant-based alternatives for dairy products. Here’s the rundown of costs:
Follow Your Heart Mozzarella 10oz: $1.99
Rebbl Protein 12oz drinks: 3 for $5
New Barn Almond Milk 28oz: $1.99
Forager Cashewgurt 24oz: $1.99
Just Chipotle Mayo 12oz: $1.49
Califia Matcha Almond Milk 10.5oz: 3 for $2
Veggemo 32oz: $1 each
Organic Valley Soy Milk 1/2gal: $2.49

Most of them are near their expiration dates, but I’m not too squeamish about them. I trust my nose more than anything.

We also scored a decent produce haul: what you see above was ~$11. We could have gotten a lot more but didn’t want to go overboard. The haul also included two 3-pound bags of brown rice for $5, a 20oz bottle of Sriracha ketchup for $1, and 14oz of Athenos Hummus for $1. 

It’s a great place to find snacks, too. They always seem to have Lara Bars, and this time they had Hemp Heart Bites. I’m kind of obsessed with grocery stores, so it’s nice to have one around that won’t break the bank.

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