Grocery Haul: Mike’s Discount Foods

Mike’s Discount Foods is now my version of the $100 store. Only my receipts probably average $50. Tonight, I spent $73 on a variety of produce, snacks, plant based milks, and more. 

Silk Protein Nutmilk half gallon: $2.49
Pacific Vanilla Cashew Milk 32 fl. oz: $1.00
Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Plant Milk 48 fl. oz: $1.00

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that when shopping at Mike’s, you have to decide whether or not to worry about “best by” dates. The Bolthouse milk “expired” August 12 which was ten days ago, but I feel like it should still be good for awhile. The Silk milk’s date is August 27 which is five days from now, but we use a lot of milk for smoothies, so we’ll go through it pretty quickly. The Pacific milk is shelf stable and has a date of September 19; we put it in the fridge to help extend that. When we buy a few different kinds of milk like this, we triage them and try to use the one with the most recent “best by” date first. 

This Parmela Creamery aged nutcheese was a fun find; one has a date of August 9 and the other August 21 so we’ll try to use these pretty quickly. I feel like cheeses such as these are likely to spoil close to their “best by” dates. We found Follow Your Heart cheese at a previous visit and put some of it in the freezer to help it keep longer, and we may do the same with this cheese. Vegan cheeses don’t always thaw well, but I try to serve them in melted form which increases the chance of them being edible post-freeze. These 7oz. bags were $1.99 each and retail for $6.99.

Dr. McDougall’s soup retails for $3.99 and these don’t expire until April 2020, so this one is definitely a great deal. I love that each visit to Mike’s is different; this is a brand I haven’t seen there before.

We didn’t purchase this One Degree flour, but I grabbed a photo because it retails for $4.95, and it’s USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. I especially love that they use veganic farming methods.

We always pick up produce at Mike’s, and I was excited to see organic avocados today. They aren’t anywhere close to being ripe, so it seems like a solid purchase. The sweet potatoes and onions are always great, and we also grabbed blueberries, salad mix, raspberries, and kiwis.

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Above, you can see some of the other deals we came across, and you can check out my full receipt below. This is probably one of the better selections of plant-based products that I’ve found there — I feel like it gets better every time!

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