Vegan Options at Keefer Court

Keefer Court offers a number of baked goods that are vegan and/or made without wheat.

puff pastry cone filled with vegan buttercream
Buttercream Cone

Keefer Court opened on the West Bank in the eighties as a restaurant and bakery. They’ve started veganizing products in their bakery case, and I can’t get enough. They have plans to add vegan options to the restaurant menu, so stay tuned.

red bean sesame ball
Red Bean Sesame Ball

I’ve found their prices to be extremely affordable, and it’s fun to stop in and see what’s new. They’re also excellent about posting new items on Facebook and Instagram. Vegan products and products made without wheat are clearly marked.

crescent shaped bun topped with green onions
Onion Bun

The red bean sesame ball is hands down my favorite – sweet but not overly so. The onion buns are a little newer, and they’re pillowy and packed with green onions.

wintermelon cake stamped with red ink
Wintermelon Cake

They usually have a nice variety of vegan goodies, but they sometimes sell out as the day goes on, so keep that in mind if you stop in closer to when they close. The easiest parking option is to grab a meter nearby, but they’re also easily accessed by public transportation.

bun filled with curried veggies
Curry Bun

If you haven’t been to Keefer Court yet, head over and pick up a few things, keeping in mind they’re closed on Tuesdays. If you’ve visited Keefer Court already, what’s been your favorite?

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