Hard Times Cafe: Breakfast for Dinner

Hard Times Cafe is an all vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. Located on the West Bank in Minneapolis, they’re currently operating via takeout, or you can enjoy your meal in their parklet which has a handful of tables and chairs.

Their menu is posted on Tumblr, and you can pay via Venmo. Pre-pandemic, Hard Times was open 22 hours a day, but their current operating hours are 10am-8pm daily.

tofu scramble with broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes
Helter Skelter

I’ve stopped by after work a couple times, and my food has come out super fast, like sometimes within 10 minutes of ordering. Paying with Venmo works super smoothly, and they post the Venmo account for the staff who’s working so you can send tips separately (they don’t want you to include it with your food payment).

The Helter Skelter has forever been my favorite thing on the menu. Their hashbrowns are the perfect combination of mushy and crispy, and I love their tofu scramble with veggies. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll top it with some sriracha. I like that if you’re in the mood for a particular flavor, the Helter Skelter is typically versatile enough to accommodate.

tortilla strips on tofu scramble and spinach topped with red and green sauce

These are the Migas, which is spinach, tofu scramble, tortilla strips, onion, pepper, and mushrooms topped with salsa and cilantro-jalapeño sauce. It’s sometimes too spicy for me, but it’s very delicious.

I’m also a fan of their Biscuits & Gravy, and I know several people who like their Gyro and Philly.

After seeing many beloved restaurants close throughout the pandemic, I encourage you to continue supporting those who are still open as you are able.

What’s your favorite thing to get at Hard Times?

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