Vegan Options at Hamburguesas El Gordo

Hamburguesas El Gordo has two locations with a third one on the way. The menu board lists vegan tacos either in a flour or corn tortilla shell. They also sometimes have vegan burgers; they didn’t have them at my first visit but they did at the second visit.

The tacos are seasoned soy curls and come with onions, avocado, and cilantro. At my first visit, the onions were fresh and at my second they were grilled, and I prefer them fresh. Make sure to get the salsa verde because it adds amazing flavor and heat to the tacos. On its own, the salsa is too hot for me, but it’s perfect when added to the tacos. And I prefer flour tortillas because corn tortillas tend to break easily.

When they make vegan burgers, they use a Beyond Meat patty, and it comes fully loaded with lettuce, onions, avocado, ketchup, and mustard. I might even be forgetting an ingredient or two. I love how packed it was because each bite tasted a little different. We ordered a side of fries, which I don’t recommend because they weren’t anything to write home about and weren’t fresh.

It’s a fast casual place with mostly community seating: order at the counter then sit and wait for your number to be called. There’s ample street parking, and of course make sure to hit up Dulceria Bakery while you’re there. Fair warning, I had a friend go on a busy Friday night who said the wait time was about an hour, so try to hit them up on off hours if you’re able. Their eating utensils and straws are plastic, so consider bringing your own. They’ve also done a few giveaways on Instagram, so I’d recommend following them there. I will happily go back to Hamburguesas El Gordo again and again for the tacos.

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  1. Just went on Friday! Wonder if the tacos are GF? I asked them on Instagram but I haven’t gotten a response.

    1. Good question! I feel like they should be because you can choose between flour and corn tortillas, and then of course the soy curls are GF.

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