Vegan Options at Gandhi Mahal

The Twin Cities boasts many wonderful Indian restaurants, and Gandhi Mahal is one of them.

a plate of rice with aloo matar gobi which is potatoes, green peas, and cauliflower
Aloo Matar Gobi

I’ve long heard other vegans tout the wonderful food at Gandhi Mahal, but for some reason only recently visited for the first time. I’ve gone to Everest on Grand and Himalayan a few times each, so my visit to Gandhi Mahal was overdue.

I visited on a Tuesday around 5:30 so it wasn’t very busy, and I was able to pick my own table. I had scoped out the menu online but nothing was marked in regards to being vegan or gluten-free or anything, so I was happy to see various symbols on the physical menu. V for vegan, wheat with a slash through it for gluten free, a cow for dairy, and a walnut (??) for nuts. The vast majority of vegan items are also gluten free.

the house specials part of the menu at Gandhi Mahal. it has a guide for dietary restrictions like vegan, gluten free, dairy, and nuts.

I went with the Janta Appetizer which offers a few different items. My favorite one was the eggplant-potato-cauliflower fritters, but it also has these same veggies fried separately.

fried appetizers including eggplant, veggie balls, and potatoes
Janta Appetizer

I was sad to see that Gandhi Mahal’s naan contains dairy, but the roti and poori-puffy bread are vegan, so I went with the puffy bread. From what I can tell, it’s fried pita puffed up and full of air. Whatever it is, it’s bread and oil so of course it’s delicious.

Poori-Puffy Bread

Finally, I settled on the Aloo Matar Gobi for the entree, which is listed under the House Specials section of the menu. I love that the dish and the side of basmati rice come in containers with lids, which helps the food stay warm while you eat what’s on your plate. Aloo is potatoes, matar is green peas, and gobi is cauliflower, so those are the veggies in this dish.

a container of aloo matar gobi which is potatoes, green peas, and cauliflower
Aloo Matar Gobi

Indian spice blends are rich and complex, and restaurants usually have several vegan options, many of which contain some combination of potatoes, chickpeas, and cauliflower. You’ll see the word “paneer” frequently, which means cheese, so be sure to avoid these dishes, especially if nothing is marked. If this is a cuisine you haven’t explored, curry or chana masala are good places to start. Just double check for fish sauce in the curry.

The staff came by several times to check in, refill water glasses, etc. Under the dessert menu, the Coconut Faluda is marked dairy free, but the menu doesn’t have it marked as vegan. The server seemed sure that it’s vegan, but I didn’t want to ask more questions so I passed on dessert.

The little section of 27th Ave S that Gandhi Mahal is on has mostly parking meters, but if you don’t mind walking a couple blocks, you can often find free street parking along Minnehaha Ave. It’s a good excuse to visit Moon Palace Books, too.

I’m happy to cross another great restaurant off my list! What are your favorite places to enjoy Indian food?

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the vegetarian section of the menu at Gandhi Mahal, including chana masala, vegetable curry, and dal

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