eViee’s Challah & Desserts

vegan za'atar babka loaf

It’s official. I’m obsessed with eViee’s Challah and Desserts. The owner Evana is currently operating through pop-ups and special orders for you to pick up.

Not only are her products beautiful, they’re just as good as they look! The first thing I dove into was the Za’atar Babka which was so fluffy, flaky, and flavorful, I almost cried. I’m usually a sweets over savory person, but I think this might have been my favorite treat in the bunch.

vegan chocolate babka loaf

This incredible Cinnamon Chocolate Babka was rich and delicious. We ordered the small babka loaves which were just the right size to share between two people.

chocolate vegan bundt cake with chocolate frosting

The mini chocolate bundt cakes are perfection. Next time, I’m ordering my own because it was not easy to share this one. It was soft and moist, and the frosting is made of magic.

vegan cookies and breads

We rounded our order out with a pretzel challah and whiskey ginger cookies. Evana recommended warming the challah in the oven, and she did not steer us wrong. You can easily pair it with your favorite dipping sauce(s), too, of course.

The whiskey ginger cookies were soft and perfectly baked. Often, ginger can overpower and lend too much spice to food, but these cookies had just a hint of it.

vegan chocolate bundt cake and pretzel challah

I almost feel like I’m going overboard with my praise for eViee’s, but I sincerely loved everything and highly recommend you support this woman-owned small business. There are rotating specials, some options made without gluten, and everything is plant-based. Happy eating!

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