Everest on Grand in St. Paul

I’ve visited Everest on Grand several times, and I’ve enjoyed working my way through all of their vegan options. They offer a huge menu of Indian, Nepalese, and North Indian food with tons of labeled vegan options, from momos to noodles to curries and more.

Above you’ll see a selection of appetizers. Veggie pakora is the top left, and the tamarind sauce that accompanies it is my favorite. It’s savory but also slightly sweet. The singular item is a samosa which is fried and filled with potatoes and veggies. And lastly, the momos are similar to steamed dumplings; they’re fresh and delicious.

While you wait for food, they’ll bring out this simple snack: a crisp papad with small bean salad. If you’re a carbs kind of person, then I’d also recommend ordering roti.

At my most recent visit, I tried the Chau-Chau* for the first time, which is wheat noodles with veggies. Everything was fresh and not overcooked, and it was probably enough for three meals. It’s a great sharing dish, or prepare to get a to-go container.

*While it’s not marked vegan on their online menu, the Chau-Chau was marked vegan on the restaurant menu.

There are nine vegan curry options, and this one is the Kauli which is cauliflower with potatoes and peas in spiced tomato sauce. Other options include jackfruit, okra, eggplant, tofu, and garbanzo beans. 

There’s something for everyone at Everest on Grand. If you haven’t tried this cuisine before, the momos and potato curry are pretty safe bets. I think everyone should take time to explore these flavors because you’ll find rich, complex spice combinations. They have a very small parking lot to the south, and there’s plenty of street parking. 

If you’ve been to Everest on Grand, what dishes have you enjoyed?

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