Vegan Waffles at The Buzz Coffee and Cafe

If I lived any closer to The Buzz Coffee and Cafe, my wallet and my waistline would both be in trouble. Their vegan waffle menu offers over thirty sweet and savory combinations, many of which include The Herbivorous Butcher’s vegan meats and cheeses.

My friend Lynda is in town (follow her on Instagram as @plantbasedfatkid), so I want to make sure she experiences all of my favorite local spots. What I typically like to do when I go is pick one sweet and one savory option, then split them half and half with whoever is with me. 

Tonight we settled on the Strawberry Brie Waffle which is topped with cinnamon and nutmeg. The Brie is made by The Herbivorous Butcher, and it’s rich and creamy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the strawberries as they were a little tart. But I also didn’t use syrup which may have helped. My favorite sweet waffle is called When Pigs Fly which includes vegan cream cheese frosting and The Herbivorous Butcher’s bacon. 

For our savory option, we went with BBQ Chicken which uses The Herbivorous Butcher’s jackfruit Shredded Chicken. The tang of the barbecue sauce works perfectly with the sweetness of the syrup. I honestly can’t get enough of this waffle. I’ve had it several times and it never disappoints.

One of my other favorite savory options is the Cranberry Chicken which also uses the jackfruit Shredded Chicken, plus dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, and vegan cream cheese. 

The Buzz has an extensive coffee menu, and you can get housemade oat milk, or soy, coconut or almond milk. 

The thought of savory waffles never crossed my mind until Buzz came along, and now I’m hooked. They’re just a couple blocks off 35W, so getting there is easy, and they’re also working on a new space in Plymouth.

If you’ve been there, what’s been your favorite so far? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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