Review: BS Grillin’ Sauces

Sweet Zucchini Relish

When BS Grillin’ Company contacted me about sampling their sauces, I decided to take them up on it because I thought it’d be fun to pair them up with The Herbivorous Butcher’s products. And I was right! I also like the fact that it’s a woman-owned business and part of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. The company is based in Virginia but looking to expand distribution to the Midwest and West Coast.

I started by pairing a THB Beer Brat with the Sweet Zucchini Relish. The relish is sweet and light, so I added some dill pickles to give it a salty balance. It would be an excellent addition to vegan tuna salad, and the recipe page even has a couple vegan options.

Smokin’ Chipotle with Apricot Brandy

Now let’s talk about this Smokin’ Chipotle sauce with Apricot Brandy. OMG. The flavor starts with a somewhat typical BBQ flavor but then the punch of the Apricot Brandy hits your taste buds and you realize just how complex this sauce really is. There’s onion and garlic powder, smoked paprika, coriander, mustard flour, and more. It almost sounds like too much but it all works together really well. I used it with THB Smoky House Ribs, but it would also be great on vegan chicken or steak. The Baked Beans recipe sounds perfect, and the other recipes could easily be veganized with vegan meat and cheese.

Blazin Pepper Relish

The Blazin’ Pepper Relish sounded like a nice complement to THB Sriracha Brats, and it probably was, but this one is way too spicy for me. I don’t tolerate jalapenos very well, but if you do, then you’ll love this relish! 

All three of these are so different from each other — BS Grillin’ Company has provided a nice range of flavors. You can order them on Amazon or check the website to see if any stores near you carry them.

Thanks to Chef AJ for letting me try these out! While the samples were free, all opinions share are my own.

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