Plant Based Birthday Freebies

Many restaurants offer a free dessert on your birthday, but there are some other fun options as well.

During most of my 30s, I haven’t been big on celebrating my birthday, but the number of freebies available has given me a good excuse. Many local establishments offer free dessert, but there are a few other treats to enjoy. And of course, there are chains with vegan options.

For many of these, you have to sign up for a newsletter or rewards program so keep this in mind as you’ll want to get on board well before your birthday so you receive notice about your perks in time. I’m focusing on places that I feel have at least somewhat substantial freebies and not something like Chipotle who gives you free chips & guac. Not dissing anyone who likes chips and guac, but it’s not like they’re giving you a burrito.

Note that some are valid only on your actual birthday, some are good within a week, some within a month. Triage what to use first so you don’t lose a reward. There may also be stipulations, like purchasing an entree for a free dessert, so check ahead if you need to. This is by no means a comprehensive list, so if you have a favorite spot that’s not mentioned on here, you should ask if they have something (and then come back here and drop a comment about it!). Also keep in mind these freebies are subject to change.

vegan tacos in a basket
Korean BBQ Tacos at The Howe

Twin Cities Independent Businesses

Craft & Crew restaurants: Sign up for their loyalty program for a free entree on your birthday (up to $13) at The Howe, Stanley’s, or Pub 819.

First Avenue: two free tickets on your birthday to any show (even if it’s sold out) at First Ave, 7th St Entry, Turf Club, or Fine Line. Stop by The Depot Tavern for dinner beforehand, or enjoy vegan options at Turf Club.

J. Selby’s: free soft serve

Pizza Luce: free dessert

Red Cow: free burger

Red Rabbit: free pizza

Seed Cafe: They sent me a $5 off code for my birthday. I think they ended up asking for my birth date because I was signed up for their newsletter. I don’t quite remember, apologies!

Trio Plant-Based: free dessert

a peanut butter bar topped with chocolate cut into sections
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar at Pizza Luce

National Chains

Alamo Drafthouse: free movie, valid within 30 days of your birthday. Click here to read about their vegan menu.

Baskin Robbins: free scoop of ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s: free scoop of ice cream

Bruegger’s Bagels: free bagel which is supposed to come with cream cheese, so make sure to specify

Caribou Coffee: free drink

Naf Naf Grill: free entree

Starbucks: free drink

I’ll keep this list updated as I’m able, but hopefully this gets you off to a good start. Happy birthday!

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