Review: Birch Benders Plant Protein Pancake Mix

Birch Benders offers a plant based pancake and waffle mix, and you only need to add water.

stack of vegan pancakes

Birch Benders is based in Denver, CO, and they’ve coined themselves a “micro-pancakery.” They make pancake and waffle mixes, along with a few different kinds of toaster waffles. You can find their products at retail stores across the country.

Their Plant Protein mix debuted a few months ago, and they shared some with me to try out. Besides the fact that it’s vegan, the best part about this mix is that all you have to do is add water. If you like denser pancakes, you can undercut the amount of water slightly, and if they come out too thick for you, you can add more water to thin the mix. Super easy!

nutritional information label for Birch Benders plant protein pancake mix

My biggest concern when I looked at the ingredients was that Birch Benders adds monk fruit as a sweetener. Monk fruit has an artificially sweet taste to me, similar to Stevia, and I often don’t like products with monk fruit. I notice it when I taste the batter, but once I add syrup to the cooked pancakes, I can’t taste it.

I have a waffle stick maker, so I followed the directions for waffles which recommends oil. Next time I’ll cut back on the water a little because they ended up too soft and moist for my liking. They still tasted great but they weren’t quite photogenic enough for me to share.

Through the Birch Benders website, one bag retails for $5.99 which I find quite reasonable considering you only have to add water, and I’ve gotten three meals out of it so far with one or two servings to go. If you have the opportunity to try out the Plant Protein mix, I’d recommend it!

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While Birch Benders provided me with the Plant Protein mix, opinions expressed are my own.

2 comments on “Review: Birch Benders Plant Protein Pancake Mix

  1. I feel like the texture is so different. For some reason when I cook them it burns in the outside and the inside doesn’t cook and they break apart when I try to flip them what am I doing wrong? Sad since I’m vegan craving pancakes 😕

    1. What a bummer! I honestly haven’t really noticed a difference from other pancakes I’ve made. It sounds like your pan is too hot and like you need to add more water. I end up adding a little more water than what the package suggests.

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