Vegan Night at Bar Luchador

Bar Luchador hosts vegan night once a month, and I was finally able to attend for the first time.

Vegan buffalo wings made from seitan with vegan ranch sauce.

Update: On May 4, 2020, Bar Luchador announced they are closing.

For the past few months, Bar Luchador has hosted an “I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan” night, and I was finally able to attend this month. They make almost everything from scratch, and a couple options are gluten-free. 

We started with the seitan buffalo wings with ranch and veggie sticks. These were SPICY. If they hadn’t been so spicy, I would have loved them, but I only managed to get through two before I conceded. I’ll have to stick to the buffalo cauliflower wings at J. Selby’s, though I appreciate that they didn’t shy away from heat.

Nacho chips topped with vegan cheese and sour cream, soy chorizo, black beans, and jalapeños.

Next up was the nachos. Because nachos. The soy chorizo could have had a little more flavor but it was good, and I loved the sour cream and cheese sauce. I also liked having black beans to round out the flavors. And I shoved all of those jalapeños aside because I don’t tolerate them at all. I’ve been thinking about these nachos since I had them and wish I had a way to get them again.

A sandwich with thinly sliced seitan, meant to mimic an Arby's roast beef sandwich.

We wrapped up the meal with the “I’m Thinking Arby’s” sandwich which was thinly sliced seitan with cheddar and horseradish sauce. It came on a plain hamburger bun which didn’t hold up to the juiciness of the seitan, but I was told they ran out of the bread it was originally on earlier in the evening. What I most appreciated is that they actually reduced the price because of this. It was listed as $9 but they switched it to $7. I feel like most places wouldn’t do that, so that alone makes me want to continue supporting them.

And the sandwich was awesome.

We arrived at Bar Luchador around 7:45pm, and the event had started at 5pm. They had already run out of the Cubano sandwich, which would have been nice to try. On the plus side, it made our sandwich selection easier as we weren’t in the mood for tacos (since we had nachos) or fettuccine alfredo (as bar food? no, thanks). 

The place was busy but still had plenty of seating available, and we had excellent service. Food and drinks came out quickly, and our server checked on us frequently. I have to admit, walking in, it’s an easy place to stereotype but I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with Bar Luchador. The menu stated that the next vegan night is January 7, so I have it marked on my calendar!

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