Little Tomato’s Pizza

Anytime I visit an eatery that’s new to me, I do some research. Do they mark vegan dishes on their menu? If nothing is marked, then I sometimes choose to not go there unless I know someone who has been and can make a recommendation. If I don’t know someone who has gone and I decided to go anyway, then I have to think about how I want to ask about vegan options.

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Vixed Baking Company

Chocolate chip muffin mix and banana bread mix on a table with two bananas, and a postcard from Vixed Baking Company

Vegan + Mixed = Vixed!…

…as it states on the website for Vixed Baking Company. They recently launched Chocolate Chip Muffin and Banana Bread mixes primarily through an online shop with shipping throughout the US. Owner Farukh touts on her Instagram bio that Vixed is “woman-owned, Afghan-run, and Virgo-sustained” as well as made in Minneapolis. How many great reasons do you need to support a new company?

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What I Ate in Philly

A breakfast burrito with fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy, coffee, and a monte cristo at The Tasty in Philadelphia
Breakfast at The Tasty

Philadelphia is like New York City on a much smaller scale. I loved spending a few days there for the first time, and it was fairly easy to utilize their public transportation to get around. There are many full vegan places and even more vegan-friendly places that have delicious offerings. I feel like I barely scratched the surface, and I can’t wait to go back.

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Vegan Options at Iowa City’s Big Grove Brewery

A picnic table full of vegan food including banh mi, tacos, guacamole, and vegetable skewers

My blogger friend Cadry and her husband David live in Iowa City, and I’m continually surprised by the vegan offerings in town. Cadry recently updated her post about vegan-friendly Iowa City businesses on Cadry’s Kitchen, and Big Grove Brewery sounded like a good spot to check out.

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Tare Market: Minnesota’s First Zero Waste Shop

A look inside Tare Market in Minneapolis with rows of various products from bulk food to personal care

I consider myself an environmentalist, which is one of the many reasons I’m vegan. To further align myself with this ethic, I’ve (finally) started looking at ways to decrease my waste. Lucky for me, Tare Market is now open in south Minneapolis, and it’s Minnesota’s first zero waste shop.

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Imperfect Produce arrives in the Twin Cities

an Imperfect Produce cardboard box that mentions supporting farmers and saving produce, water, land, and labor from going to waste

It seems like I can’t scroll through a social media platform right now without seeing a few posts about Imperfect Produce. This California-based company is slowly expanding across the US, offering delivery of “imperfect” fruits and vegetables sourced by farms who are unable to sell them for one reason or another. The produce may not meet an industry standard by being too small or by not being shaped the “right way,” or sometimes they take a surplus if a farm grows too much for them to sell.

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Vegan Options at Pizza Karma

Pizza Karma's build your own vegan pizza with potato chile crust, harissa sauce, roasted garlic, and spiced chickpeas and corn

Pizza Karma is in Eden Prairie not far from Eden Prairie Center. They offer Indian inspired, tandoor-fired pizza with several marked vegan and gluten-free options. Vegan items are marked with a green V+ and gluten-free items are marked with a brown GF. The menu includes starters, salads, and signature pizzas.

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Vegan Options at The Tilted Tiki

Tilted Tacos with Beyond Beef™ Crumbles

The Tilted Tiki is a tropical-themed restaurant and bar in downtown Stillwater, MN, and at the start of 2018 they added a vegan section to their menu, featuring Beyond Meat products and tofu. The owners have offered special discounts on their vegan dishes several times, making the trek well worth it, though it’s not that bad of a drive from St. Paul to begin with.

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Red Cow’s New Plant Based Menu

Buffalo Cauliflower

Prior to attending an event in September 2018, I visited Red Cow in downtown Minneapolis with friends. I had messaged Red Cow on Facebook to inquire the Impossible Burger entree and found out I’d have to swap out the bun, as well as leave off the mayo and cheese in order to make it plant based. They also said my server could “guide you towards some awesome vegan friendly modifications.”

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Modern Table’s Vegan Mac and Cheese

a bowl of Modern Table's southwest vegan macaroni and cheese

Modern Table offers three flavors of vegan macaroni and cheese: Classic Cheddar Style, White Cheddar Style, and Southwest. I purchased them at Whole Foods and wanted to compare them all and see which one I like best.

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