Vegan Cuts Snack Box: December 2018

Vegan Cuts is a fun way to try new vegan products and potentially find a new favorite snack. If there’s a vegan in your life and you are in need of a gift for them, this is a great option. You can pay for just one box if you don’t want to get them a six- or twelve-month subscription.

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Dinner at Ginger Hop

Three spears of vegan mock duck with Korean barbecue sauce at Ginger Hop in Northeast Minneapolis
Mock Duck Satay

Ginger Hop in northeast Minneapolis offers a nice selection of vegan options, and I enjoy going especially for happy hour. I’ve never had trouble getting a table, and the service is consistently good.

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Vegan Night at Bar Luchador

Vegan buffalo wings made from seitan with vegan ranch sauce.

For the past few months, Bar Luchador has hosted an “I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan” night, and I was finally able to attend this month. They make almost everything from scratch, and a couple options are gluten-free. 

We started with the seitan buffalo wings with ranch and veggie sticks. These were SPICY. If they hadn’t been so spicy, I would have loved them, but I only managed to get through two before I conceded. I’ll have to stick to the buffalo cauliflower wings at J. Selby’s, though I appreciate that they didn’t shy away from heat.

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Dinner at Fig + Farro


I recently wrote about my brunch at Fig + Farro, and I ended up going back a few days later for dinner with my friend Lynda who was visiting from California. We tried several dishes, and overall I enjoyed everything.

Above you’ll see the Rapini with Piri Piri sauce, cashew crema, and embered plums. This dish is complex, as all the flavors are distinct but work perfectly together. I’m guessing the rapini leaves were baked because they were mostly crisp, adding a nice texture.

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Dinner at Kona Grill

My mom had a $50 gift card to Kona Grill that she wasn’t planning to use, so I happily accepted it and headed over there for dinner. I had heard there was a small vegan menu, but it’s now incorporated into the full menu. Vegan options are marked with Vg: edamame, vegetarian rolls, and seaweed salad. 

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Vegan Waffles at The Buzz Coffee and Cafe

If I lived any closer to The Buzz Coffee and Cafe, my wallet and my waistline would both be in trouble. Their vegan waffle menu offers over thirty sweet and savory combinations, many of which include The Herbivorous Butcher’s vegan meats and cheeses.

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Vegan Options at Rise Bagel Co.

Rise Bagel Co. is in downtown Minneapolis, and all of their bagels are vegan. They also offer vegan cream cheese, sausage, carrot lox, and butter. It’s a cool, modern space where you order at the counter and they call your name when your food is ready.

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Dinner at J. Selby’s

J. Selby’s was broken into during the past weekend, and their safe was stolen. One of their doors has to be boarded up while they wait for a custom piece of glass to be remade. Stories like this make me sad because while yes, they have insurance, something like this isn’t easy on a small business. And if someone was so desperate for money that they would break into a business, hopefully whatever they got will help them however it’s needed.

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Brunch at Fig + Farro

My friend Jillian invited me out to brunch today, and we settled on Fig + Farro to try out some options on their new all vegan menu. They switched from vegetarian to fully vegan on November 3rd, and we’ve been anxious to check it out, especially as neither of us had been there in awhile.

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Twin Cities Vegan Gift Guide

Our wonderful little vegan community is not that little anymore, and it’s easier than ever to support local businesses with cruelty-free offerings. The holiday season is upon us, but these gift ideas are for any time of year. 

Note: While many of these places make and sell 100% vegan goods, not all are fully vegan so double check before purchasing. For example, Urban Forage sells mead in addition to vegan cider and wine, and The Buzz has non-vegan waffle mix.

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